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ASCE/SENH Annual September Joint Meeting
Reality Capture with 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling:
Some newer technologies have raised the bar substantially on the quality and completeness of survey data that engineers can expect to work with. While we still speak in terms of “as-built” or “existing conditions” surveys, the information we gather with survey-grade 3D laser scanners is often called “reality capture” for good reason. This presentation will explain how laser scanners are used to capture extraordinarily detailed information on components of bridges, buildings, and other structures. It will discuss some of the inherent safety benefits of using scanners versus other means of obtaining measurements on difficult-to-reach features. The presentation will also provide specific examples of how that scan information can be presented in a variety of user-friendly formats for engineering projects, and the relative costs & benefits of those different formats. The objective of the presentation is to build awareness within the structural engineering community about these new tools and to help those in attendance evaluate when those tools will provide value for their own engineering projects.

Location: Murphy's Taproom & Carriage House
393 Route 101
Bedford, NH  03110
Download File: September 11, 2019 Meeting Announcement.pdf – ASCE/SENH Joint Meeting Announcement